Hello, sister! 

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to The Set Apart Women! The story of TSAW is quite simple, so it here it goes. One day while I was driving, I was brainstorming about all the projects I was working on (think: mental white board). Between my work projects and the dreams God has placed in my heart, my head was swirling with vision and excitement. In that moment, I really wanted to call another woman to use as a sounding board and to get inspired. 

Instead, I sighed. In that moment I had the realization that I couldn’t really think of too many options to dial. There weren’t too many women who I knew who were dreamers, visionaries or living their lives with intentionality and purpose. 

In a sigh of frustration I prayed (and kind of yelled) out loud:

“God, I wish there were more women who wanted everything you have for them. I would love to call one up right now and brainstorm and to get motivated to get this done!” He answered rather quickly as the thought dropped into my heart:

“There are. They just have no place to go.” 

Thus, The Set Apart Women was birthed. 

Read more about the vision on our VISION page. We will officially launch 1.2.2017 in New York City in addition to a Facebook LIVE event. In the meantime, be sure to follow our Instagram and social accounts to stay updated with ALL things Set Apart Women!  

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