A Fresh Face Around Here

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Hey loves! 

It has been a while since TSAW has had a blog post. Christina, the founder and my amazing cousin, has been busy smashing her goals and going through some exciting transitions! To help keep the website and blog posts up and running, I will be writing and helping with the upkeep of TSAW! So let me introduce myself!

I am a 33 single old gal who lives in Jacksonville, Florida. I am an educator of tiny humans (kind of tiny...they're fifth graders) and a nerd at heart. Originally from South Carolina, I moved to Florida almost three years ago after consistent nagging and persuasion from Christina and her sister, Jennifer, to help care for our grandparents and to just go LIVE somewhere else for a while. Shortly after my move here, we found out our grandfather was diagnosed with cancer that eventually spread to his brain. The last three years have been focused on family and the pursuit of joy in difficult times. This past October, we said goodbye to our Papi. Through that, our cousin-like bond became a sister-like bond and love. 

Myself and Christina with Papi a year before he passed, teaching him how to take a selfie!

Myself and Christina with Papi a year before he passed, teaching him how to take a selfie!

When Christina and I were living together, she would often talk about TSAW and her dreams for this platform. I am so proud of her and the passion she has for caring and loving on others. It's pretty contagious. So, my goal is to continue to carry that love and encouragement and help you in any way I can! I'll be posting and updating the website on the regular! If you need to connect with me, you can reach me through TSAW email on the contact link! If there are any cool stories you want shared, God moments, or any small or celebrations--share with us! I want to hear from you! 

Obsessively Blessed,


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